Wednesday, December 24, 2008


This week I embarked on a journey to Southern California with a possible ending that would have resulted in a new chapter. I wanted this to happen,.... or so I thought. I've been torn over the whole thing. Not knowing what to do,... not knowing what the right thing is. Not knowing what will make me happy. Being scared shitless of my own decision making capabilities. As things turned out, the road I attempted to go down was closed. No decision is needed. The decision was made for me. I gave this situation up to the stars and put my trust in the universe that things would go how they are supposed to and I believe that is what happened. On top of all that, I had some realizations on my journey that support the whole situation and how things unfolded.

A friend of mine mentioned yesterday that in his experience he has tried to emulate past portions of his life and has always been disappointed. Basically the moral of the story is that as fantastic as things may have been in the past, in a certain place, with certain people, at a certain age, WHATEVER, it's in the past. It was fantastic, but the chapter is done and will never be back again quite the same way. This really effected me and has given me a new appreciation for my life and its current state. I NEEDED THIS.

New Years Resolution: Just to stay in the moment and appreciate everything in life for what it is. Stop FUTURE FUCKING myself and give myself a chance to succeed and be happy.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Change in Preference on the Bullet Train to Tokyo.

Last night I rode a muni line I've never ridden before. I love that. I never know if I'm going to know where to get off. How long I'm gonna be on. What kind of people are going to be on it. The L was no exception to these universal mysteries. To my pleasant surprise, this specific train and it's final destination imply nothing short of the bullet train in Tokyo. God I love Asians. One girl on train commented that watching me was the first time she's seen someone gift wrap a pack of cigarettes. I'm thoughtful. I realized on this short 5 minute MUNI ride that all my life I've seeked out the most troubled looking delinquent male in a crowd as my momentary crush, and these days I instead seek out the individual who is reading A Separate Peace.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Insanity. When you're lonely and to medicate that you want to be all alone to cry about how you're lonely. You don't know something so you would rather cry about how you don't know it than do something about it and learn it. I have the inability to understand that I am okay. It's like I'm NOT okay being okay right here right now. I am always looking for something else, more, somewhere else, more. Nothing is ever good enough. I have completely lost sight with what used to make me happy or what is worthy of making me happy now. I am fucked.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I've found myself thinking about this all week. I always come back to this moment we were here in the city for the weekend, hanging out,... and I was asked "What do you really want? What do you want to do with your life and what do you think would make you happy?" We were sitting on hippy hill on a Saturday. I remember that I couldn't even really say. I'm so unsure sometimes, of all of those questions. I get scared that what I think will make me happy will fall short in the end. I'm unsure that what I think I want to do will turn out to be wrong for me. I'm nervous about the decisions I have to make that steer my life. I don't feel like my path is at all clear. But I'm trying to think of the things I really want for myself when I listen to the 9th step promises. I don't know what else to do except trust that if I commit myself to this I will get all the things I want for my life. What else do you believe? History is repeating itself every single time I pick up. I've fought for so long to try to pull it all off and the truth comes out every time that the choices I make result in a person I don't like much. Even being fully aware of that, I am having the hardest time gettin' off the sauce. I am just so in the middle, "at the jumping off point". Can't live with it, can't live without it. I feel like this coming week is going to hold some interesting developments. I just have this feeling.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My soundtrack this month.

THIS IS DECEMBER---Charbot Radio.

1. San Francisco-- by Alkaline Trio
2. Wake Up Alone-- by Amy Wino
3. You've Got Maelstrom-- by Blockhead
4. Jesus Christ--by Brand New
5. Blue-- by Catpower
6. Miss Misery-- by Elliot Smith
7. Wayne Andrews, the Old Bee Keeper-- by the Prize Fighter Inferno
8. Loveology-- by Regina Spektor
9. Future Foe Scenarios-- by Silversun Pickups
10. Warrior-- by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Confuscious Confusion.

I've longed for some kind of social life where I felt comfortable... having some kind of stable friends,.... dealing with having to build those relationships from scratch,.. and now that these things are finally coming to me, I neglect all invites for the fear of picking up. Why does this not feel right?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


1. Exciting to move to something new.
2. Unmanageability living in new situation.
3. Good luck has a new living situation placed at my feet.
4. Bridges are burned.
5. Shit begins to catch flame.
6. Flames have a solution to be put out.
7. Fire continues to burn at unforseen times, despite solution.
8. Confusion makes it's appearance. Contentment creeps in simultaneously.
9. Tug of war begins and two lives run separately and parallel.
10. New possibilities rear their pretty head and I hurry up and wait.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Smoke Signals.

So money is tight around our workplace. Paychecks bouncing. Bills added up to the ceiling. My job is impossible to do in every aspect all as a result of lack of funding. Credit holds. Overdue payments. Its a nightmare really. I try to do my job to the best of my ability but it is merely impossible right now. My boss is pretty much MIA. Everyone in my workplace is feeling the crunch and looking for other jobs. I'm looking as usual with no warm leads, except a shot in the dark chance at a bitchin' internship that is off in the distant future. I'm struggling to get by and doing my best to remain in good spirits. MEANWHILE, we have a somewhat troubled individual at the workplace that is causing me grief. We'll call him Jim. Jim's a rad dude. He works really hard, makes shit happen, has good intentions. But Jim is somewhat of a wreck, super broke, couch surfin kinda dude who doesn't seem to mind living that way and lives his life as if everything is fine. Props to Jim for having a carefree spirit in times of crisis. DISS ON JIM for mooching the fuck out of everyone he knows. I know Jim's roommate, a hardworking rad person, who has had to bail Jim out of jail, front him money up the ass, etc etc. The bossman has helped bail Jim out of jail. At first I felt bad for Jim, and felt bad for the fact that he doesn't have any family here and is somewhat down on his luck. At this point, I don't feel bad for Jim anymore. The sympathy and compassion I had is slipping away everytime this fuckin guy invites himself into my purse and takes cigarettes from me. Now let's get this straight,... I'm not upset about a $0.25 cigarette leaving my possession. It's not about the CIGARETTES. It's about the fact that this dude thinks that when he walks behind me and brushes my shoulder or calls me "baby" as he slyly grabs a bunch of smokes and thinks he's pullin a fast one on me. This is kindness NOT weakness, fucker, and the kindness is coming to a screeching hault. I hate users.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Positive Thinking.

...can move mountains right?


I was walking down Haight Street Sunday afternoon feeling less than jazzy. A few strides a head of me, a woman I loosely know had stopped in her tracks, on her cell phone, cracking up and trying to pick up some random trash someone had left on the corner. I stopped to help her if she needed it as she put her phone call on hold. She pointed at a box set of videos laying in the pile of someones trash (and our new treasure). She explained that her arms were too full to carry this gem down the street but I should definitely take it. Hmmm,... a semi random lady encouraging me to steal some random videos off the street corner. SURE! These days all I do is come home from work and watch the same ol' VHS tapes anyway. And I don't know where a Blockbuster is, so devising any kind of change is far out of the question. I take her up on her offer. Come home and pop in a video as I'm making dinner later............ MY LIFE HAS CHANGED.

The funniest shit ever. If you ever want to ever feel like less of a crazy person and laugh even though you really don't feel like it, I'd say this is the ticket.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The jobby in the mix.

Check it out. Such an internal struggle.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fashion Show on

Check it.

Fashion Show Success.

So I haven't even blogged about the fashion show, really. Well it's wrap up week here at work.... getting in photos from all the photographers that I had come down. Getting all the press releases and stuff. I'm pleased. The models all had a really good time. Some of them had attitude towards the beginning,... especially when they got their wardrobe... I could see on their face that they were far too good for this... but by the end it was completely CONFIRMED that they all had such a good time. By the time they were leaving, the models with the snobbiest attitudes were giving me hugs and telling me this was the funnest show they'd ever worked on and they'd love to be informed of future events. SCORE.

So yea. It was a great night, and I'm really proud of me and Kelle and proud of what we did. My new rule of thumb: SUCCESS IS THE BEST REVENGE.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sweet November.

Wow. Busy does not do justice to my life this month. I haven't blogged in awhile. Too much has happened. But we shall try a quick recap.

Ye Olde Election--As we all know, I was unable to vote. But the man took first and all is well in the world. Well not all.... Prop 8 protests weekly.

Big TWO FOUR Birthday-- Flew to the LB. Strongest jack and diet I've had in my life. Southwest. Must've been the altitude. Saw a lot of people I really miss. Drank far too much. Missed my plane to SF. Rad.

D-Stricts Fashon Show--Vip list capped at 300 people. Tons of SF press in the mix. Way stoked. Dress rehearsel goes rad. Models leave. Boss crushes our hearts with his overly constructive criticism. Me and partner feel 2 ft. tall. Hearts are officially broken. Natural next step: go out with friend in town to see the show and get way too drunk. Friend and I see a cat on a leash in the mission. Friend and I meet some random young skateboarder boys outside a bar. Shots are had. I am hit in the eye with something launched from across the room. Possibly black eye in progress. Last call comes and goes. Mob 15 blocks at 2am to boys house I kinda liked. ETA: 3 a.m. Ruin any potential with said boy due to my antics. Fannnn-fuckin-tastic. Boss follows up the next day with extreme remorse for his antics. Friend in town makes me a tiny top hat, which I've been obsessively wanting for weeks. Show goes AMAZING. Complete success. I sport tiny top hat. Fantastic reaction from most. Couple interesting comments from non-fans. Go to Thrasher warehouse party in my hood. Comments such as:
--"Hey Axel Rose."
--"Is it Halloween?"

Dicks. Its a very Carrie Bradshaw thing to do. Some will love it others won't get it. Fair enough. Walk home: we all have to pee and decide to each squat behind a different car in a dim lit alley. I set my open container down on the ground and proceed to get into position. LIGHTS AND SIRENS. Oh shit. Mosey along. Leave open container. "YOU! WITH THE HAIR STYLE". Um, Officer, you mean tiny top hat. I walk over.
TinyTopHat: "...Hi."
OFFICER: "Can you please pour the contents of that out and NOT IN YOUR MOUTH".
TinyTopHat: "....okay...... I'm sorry, we're just on our way home"
OFFICER: "We won't make more of it than it is".
(Officer vrooms off into the night with his crew of motocop homies.EXIT STAGE LEFT.)

Off the hook.

Saturday-- Show family around the city. Union square. Chinatown. Upper Haight. Mom almost falls on the bus. Love her. We stumble upon a Tom's Shoes promotion at Villians in Upper Haight. Buy a pair of Tom's and get them custom spray painted for free. AND get a couple free Sopporo tall cans. Sold.

Nighttime--: Go to everyones favorite bro-land in the city: North Beach. Have to chase not one but TWO city busses on our route. This section of town has some of the most unsteezy people I've ever come in contact with. At least for how pretentious they are. We bounce to the 'Loin. Take friend to Edenburg Castle. The crowd kinda blows so I start playing the piano and taking requests. Always an easy way to make friends. I have a cute fan and he comes with us to bounce across town in attempts to meet up with Broke Ass Stuart,... the author of friend and my #1 read of the year: Broke Ass Stuart's Guide to Living Cheap in San Francisco. We meet up with Stuart. And his girlfriend. Have I mentioned we don't really know Stuart? We bought his book randomly a few weeks past when he was selling it on the street. He gave me his business card, seeing I am a buyer and al. Friend decides to utilize this business card and texts him in attempts to meet up and pick his brain. He responds to text. We relocate to Stuart. Afterall, he wrote a whole book about rad cheap spots in the city. He's gotta be doin' something fun, right? Stuart's kinda a douche and random boy from the 'Loin points out that Stuart looks a little fluffier than his photo on the cover of the book portrays him as. Photoshop. We ditch Stuart and head to some bar called The Phone Booth. I don't remember much about this except that it was last call when we arrived and none of us needed to be ordering a DAMN thing. I smoke pot with some random man on the street. Not a bum, but also not wearing shoes. Very awkward.

Sunday. Friend flies back to homeland. I did my part in a freelance wardrobe gig that I really didn't feel like showing up to. It pays to show up. I did my part. Explored a chinese fast food spot on 7th and Market (a.k.a skid row jr.) Sketchiest chinese I've ever eaten with a Diet Pepsi that tastes like it was made in 98'. Exhausted isn't appropriate verbage for my feeling right now. I don't know what it is. But I had a fantastic weekend and am feeing better about life here on the daily. There is a reason I'm here and I need to remember what that is and think about what matters. What is my time here for? What do I want out of all of this? Who do i want to be and what? All such open-ended free questions. While I figure out all the answers, I also need to work on NOT taking myself so seriously. Progress not perfection.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Poor Man's Cookbook.

Well, poor WOMANS. I'm thinking of publishing somethin' on experimental cooking as a result of an empty wallet. I amaze myself with my concoctions sometimes. I have no one to test them on, since I live alone. But let's just say if I ever cook for my husband or "significant other", an open mind is definitely a character quality he must possess.

Tonight's entree: Char's San Francisco Thai Tuna Burrito.
Wholesale cost: approx. $1.00 Retail Possibilities: $5+
Ingredients: -one flour tortilla. Stale is acceptable.
- a few slices of cheese. Mold: unacceptable.
- one can of tuna mixed with any hummus left in the house.
-the last of the thai peanut sauce.
Directions: Wrap up, heat in micro and serve. Try to make it look cute. Presentation is key. Picky eaters need not apply. Beggers can't be choosers FUCKERS!

My kids will hate me someday. Sorry kids, it's a head of lettuce for dinner tonight. Mama got caught up at Forever 21 this evening. We're out of money. Sorry bout that.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Song Connection.

Picked up this gem at Rasputin Music this weekend. 8 bucks. Excellent.

Gave it a listen tonight. Sometimes songs, or bands, or even a whole album will throw you back into memories of someone, whether you like it or not. Velvet Underground takes me back to, eh, circa 2007. It was summer, and I was taking a class called Women in Popular Culture. Fell pretty hard for a junky that summer. Had a crush on him from the moment I saw him, years prior. I remember that he took me out to sushi, and I wondered in the back of my mind how he got the money to pay for it. I remember a conversation we had on his porch one night (okay, A porch one night. A SOBER LIVING porch one night).... and we talked for like 3 hours and chain smoked. It was rad. And I recall the first time I picked him up from downtown,... and I knew it was sketchy... and then I knew he was loaded. It was the first time I'd ever seen someone high on heroin before. It is very bizarre. I remember him crying and I remember not knowing if I should believe his emotions to be authentic. I remember also feeling guilty for having those thoughts. I remember going to class and wondering all day if he would be okay,... wondering if he'd get high again before I saw him next... wonder if he'd be off on the run and back on the streets living under bridges. Wondering if this was an isolated incident. I remember how it was in fact NOT an isolated incident, and I was consistently faced with the decision to believe him or not, wonder if he was high or not, decide whether or not to let him stay with me, have to ignore his phone calls when I so badly wanted to answer them, watch him walking down the street homeless with no where to go while I watched out the window and DIDN'T answer his calls.

I haven't thought about him in a long time. I hope he's alright. He was a really smart and interesting person.

The Result of Missing The Registration Deadline to Vote.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Have I mentioned that San Francisco might house the absolute rudest bartenders I've ever been waited on by?? Yea. Not pointin any fingers....

I've had a really bad experience with at least one bartender at nearly ever bar i've been to here.

Update from SOMA Land

Well I've learned that I'm not losing my mind; it is hard to get a good night's sleep here. Comparable to what a friend of mine has told me about living in the Tenderloin, there's bums and people screaming and yelling and causing a ruckus at all hours of the morning/night....clashing, clanging,.... Rough. My friends were in town this weekend and seemed somewhat concerned about my neighborhood haha. Telling them the story of my walk to the liquor store last week and how the one block's stroll provided me two confrontations with homeless black men, the offer of some meth, the offer for some coke, the offer to "go for a ride" in his truck that he swears is really his, the opportunity to buy a "REAL GOLD" anchor necklace and a bum's phone number, my friends were not any more at ease where my safety is concerned. I should've called that phone number. Like did he just pull that number out of his ass? Or is he seriously rollin' through the hood selling crack and talking on his iphone? Now we'll never know.

So it was a great weekend... fantastic to see my friends and show them some stuff. Unfortunately the weather was the worst it's been since I've lived here, but you can't win em all.

So, let's get down to it. Halloween. My costume was somewhat of a success.. had a few dumb asses asking who I was. Unfortunately, not that it's a real huge suprise, I got too drunk, lost my phone, cried, and was driven home by my boss and his 10 month pregnant wife. AWESOME. Amy just can't keep it together. GO BACK TO FUCKING REHAB.

And some other sites of the evening......

Toni will die when she sees this.

.....the mayor of SF and his cokehead side kick....

....Elliot and E.T


...and these guys. Superman dude is a F-REAK. Not clever either sir. Is that supposed to be your muscles? A small child? Not sure. Work on it for next year.

...All in all one of the better Halloweens I've ever had. Too bad it had to end in tears and a lost cell phone. But hey, gotta keep it in character.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Early this week, a man wearing a "No on 8" button was beaten with a "Yes on 8" lawn sign in Torrance, CA.

Police are characterizing the assault as a possible hate crime.

The beater, 23-year old Joseph Storm, is scheduled to appear in the Torrance Superior Court today, Wednesday, for arraignment on a felony charge of a hate crime assault and a misdemeanor count for interfering with another's exercise of civil rights.

Authorities did not identify the victim.

However, it was mentioned that Storm had known the victim since junior high.

In the attack, Storm allegedly knocked the victim down with the Yes on 8 sign, then punched him in the face and choked him. He also called the victim a 'derogatory name for homosexuals' during the beating.

Good ol' winners in the South Bay. Maybe this move was an awful idea and I should've stayed with the classy peeps in So Cal. Ha.

Actually, speaking of Prop 8, this came up in a recent conversation with my dad, I don't even know how. Politics isn't usually on our "to discuss" list. Pops informed me that he'll be voting YES on Prop 8, because of his beliefs in the Bible. Fair enough. That same evening I heard a couple of young girls, probably FRESHLY 18, discussing the same thing and their religious beliefs swaying their vote on the matter.

While everyone's completely entitled to their opinion (that's why there's a VOTE in general), I just can't believe that people are still so old fashioned on the gay marriage issue. Aren't there much WORSE things happening in the world in our current time? The least concern in my mind is the fact that same gender individuals have fallen in love and want to be able to document that. Seriously though. Really? Get over it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Earn Cash.... FAST!

This week has been super up and down. It's only Tuesday night.

Tonight as I was waiting far too long at the bus stop for how cold it was outside, I remembered that no matter where you are located or what it is you're doing, you're job sucks sometimes. ITS A JOB. That's why you get paid to do it. All in all I have a pretty bitchin' one. I have a tendency to let my emotions get the best of me. When it happens, I start thinking irrationally and generalizing my life to ALL be in accordance with my emotions at that time It's unhealthy. It's inaccurate. It's deceiving and it's unfair. Tonight before I lay down to ATTEMPT a solid nights sleep, I can honestly say that I'm content. Here, right now, alone on my couch. Alone in my apartment. Alone in a big city that is all new and uncomfortable. I'm content and I'm happy that I GET to be here. I"m happy that I get to have all these things and get to have this experience.

In other areas of life, I've successfully been here for almost two months now and have not yet had to experience shattered glass next to my car... or my car not being there.... or my car having a fancy yellow apparatus attached to the hubcap. Only two parking tickets. Really nothing to complain about in this city. But let's not jinx it.

And my apartment is coming together well... by this time, after all the places I've moved to in the last few years, I start to see how they all look the same. I don't like that. This issue needs to be confronted and we need to seek a solution. I think the solution may involve the crazy boys I work with that are ridiculous at painting walls...

In other pleasant news... I have friends coming to town this weekend. I get to wear my ridiculous Halloween costume. Get to bartend the party Friday night. Get to go to a rad fashion show Thursday night. Get PAYED Friday. Get to go to LB next weekend. Get to put on the fashion show the following weekend. Get to go home and see my family two weekends after that. Time if flying. It's fuckin nutts.

All in all, despite things that I wish were different right now or in the past, or what I hope will be different in the future.... ultimately at the end of the day, and even at random spontaneous moments of the day, I'm proud of myself. I'd rather fall than never to have flown at all. Safety is for the faint of hearts and dreamers never sleep.

The first, but definitely not the last.... show put on by yours truly.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Oh, Random SOMA Party

Had a really fun night last night. Super random,.... super fun. I needed that.

And I'm learning some character traits about Boots McGee that I was never aware of.... she loves to steal my keys and hide them under the couch. I am trying to train her to be a domesticated animal. I'll follow up on this process.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Drinking more. Eating more. Smoking more. Fucking more.

Who prescribed that? I know for DAMN sure none of that works for me.

Good ol' Xanex? Help.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sexy Time Part II

Watch out, Amsterdam!
San Francisco could be the first major U.S. city to decriminalize prostitution.
On November 4th, the city's voters will decide whether or not to approve Proposition K, a measure that forbids local authorities from investigating, arresting or prosecuting anyone for selling sex.
Prop K wouldn't legalize prostitution, per se, because California state law still prohibits it.
However, the measure would eliminate the power of local law enforcement officials to go after prostitutes.
Proponents say the measure will free up $11 million the police spend each year arresting prostitutes and allow them to form a union of sorts that would help protect their rights and safety.

...I don't know how I feel about this.

Sexy Time.

Well I'm about a week deep staying at my new place and last night I had THEE worst sleep of possibly my whole life. Well that's a stretch, but definitely since living here in San Francisco. Damn the walls are thin in my building...... Woke up more than 4 times throughout the night to my semi hotty neighbor boning the shit out of some broad next door. And unfortunately I heard every breath of it. So awful. All I have to say is I hope she gets knocked up over it! I'm so tired today. HA.

In other news, things are gettin' crazy, but in a good way, generally. Went through some bullshit over the weekend where I got an up close glimpse of the insanity of women. I watched this girl rip through a dude for completely unjust reasons.... so selfish and so self absorbed. So unreasonable. It makes me sick to think about. And the worst part is that the girl was me. But as usual everything happens for a reason and this is no exception. Lessons learned, and we can move on.

Getting busy with a bunch of freelance wardrobe gigs. Working on two separate films in the month of November and also diving into some more print work. I still get scared and nervous and have the initial inclination to back out, but I CANT and won't. I have to try or I'll never get anything I want. I have a plan....

*build up my list of credits (especially on movies and with film projects) that is at least a page long by this time next year.

I really want to work towards wardrobe for a full time job.... particularly on movie or television sets. Yea that means going back to LA, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. For the time being I can experience everything here while I'm building that credits list, making contacts and getting experience. Plus there's a lot to reach for as far as getting into costume for stage here. SAN FRANCISCO... Hello!?

And on the other hand, I was building the production calendar for my job yesterday and just slipped in all the deadlines for my own line. It got me really excited, fictitious or not, and I want to pursue it full force. Launch time: JULY 2009.
This is one that I've wanted for as long as I can remember. One of the biggest perks to this job was the possibility of getting to do that. I have to take full advantage, and that is what will take up my mental space in my spare time from this point on.

New plan: don't worry about anything else but getting my shit in line and being successful in my endeavors.

Unfortunately, I feel like you lose friends when you have this attitude. Does it make it wrong?? Maybe the reality is that if you're moving forward quickly, you're likely leaving others behind. While I don't know how to be anything BUT ambitious, it still leaves me feelings somewhat alone.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Death Van for Dummies.

I had to tell myself after this experience that if I HAD been killed by this man's drug induced awful driving last week when scoring a ride home from the art show, I fully deserved it. What a "small town girl" thing to do when you trustingly take a ride home with a semi-sketchy man you met five minutes earlier.

One should ALWAYS be cautious of a man rollin' around town with his white pomeranian.

And did I mention he drove a scary child molester van? Because he sure did.

Lesson learned and possible new marketing slogan: If you value your life, take Muni.

Social Mishaps.

Toilet paper following your cute boots around a popular bar. it almost happened to me this weekend but I caught it. PHEW.

Tripping in any way shape or form... even worse when you hit the ground. You can laugh if off, do the ever-popular "look behind you", or my favorite: stay on the ground and act like you're unconscious so no one will laugh, but be concerned and scared instead.

And the infamous food in your teeth when you're chattin up a hotty. DEATH. Our artshow photographer had no intention of catching this broad's precautionary actions on camera. Who passes by a mirror and DOESN'T look in it? If you say you don't, you're lying. I, however, can admit that I generally refrain from checkin' my grill. But hey,... hope she scored that night. HA